David Little:


AL East: Red Sox

AL Central: Indians

AL West: Astros


AL Wildcards:  Twins  vs.  Yankees


The Yankees are the popular pick in the East, but I simply believe that we have better pitching, and when the lineups are compared, our players are a lot more versatile. Time will tell, but I believe in our boys to pull it out. Playoffs will be another story. The Indians and Astros will again be there, because they are simply built to contend. That Astros lineup is fun and exciting to watch. Funny what years of mediocrity can bring in the draft.


NL East: Nationals

NL Central: Cubs

NL West: Dodgers


NL Wildcards: Rockies  vs.  Diamondbacks


The Nationals are another team who is solid all the way through. Look for Bryce to have a big year as he tries to become the 500 Million dollar man. The Cubs have again brought a solid rotation in for another year of production. I expect them to perform early, as opposed to fighting back. The Dodgers are simply stacked, but that doesn’t mean they will necessarily come through. Despite my questions about chemistry, I have to pick them to be in first, in a stacked NL West.


World Series Matchup:    Astros  vs.  Dodgers



Ted Gay:


AL East:  Red Sox

Al Central:  Indians

AL West:  Angels


AL Wildcards:  Astros  vs.  White Sox


The smart money is on all of last year’s playoff teams to repeat.  But baseball has a way of surprising us. I think JD Martinez will improve the Red Sox more than Giancarlo Stanton will help the Yankees and the Aaron Boone hiring will be the colossal bungle of Brian Cashman’s career.  Zach Cozart, Ian Kinsler, and the mysterious Shohei Ohtani should vastly improve the Angels. I am taking a flyer on the White Sox hoping that everything goes right for them and they shock the world to beat out the Yankees for the final wild-card spot.


NL East:  Phillies

NL Central: Cubs

NL West:  Dodgers


NL Wildcards:  Brewers  vs.  Diamondbacks


I think the East could be a four-team fight between the Phillies, Mets, Braves, and Nationals whose window is closing.  I like the Phillies combination of youth and veterans. Also, Gabe Kapler could be a game changer The Cubs and Dodgers will continue to dominate.  The Diamondbacks are closing in on the Dodgers, and the Brewers made the right offseason moves to grab the final wild-card spot.


World Series Matchup:   Indians  vs.  Cubs



Chris Drosehn:


AL East:  Red Sox

AL Central:  Indians

AL West:  Astros


AL Wildcards:   Yankees  vs.  Angels


No homerism here. I think people are over estimating the Yankees and how much of a down year the Red Sox had because of John Farrell. I think this year they finally get over the hump and win the division and go further into the playoffs.  The Twins did a lot this offseason, and the Indians didn’t quite do much of anything.  I just think the Indians line up is more dynamic and that rotation with Corey Kluber leading the charge puts them over the top. I’m hoping for a surprise team here, but I think it’s pretty much locked up.  I think this division will be more competitive than we give any of the other teams credit for. I don’t think the Mariners and Athletics are real threats, but I could see the Rangers being sneaky good and the Angels sneaking in as a contender this year. They might still be a pitcher or two away, but it’s still Houston’s division to lose.


NL East:   Nationals

NL Central:  Brewers

NL West:  Dodgers


NL Wildcards:  Cubs  vs.  Cardinals


This is a no brainer.  There’s three garbage teams and one team making moves (The Phillies), but the Nationals still have the stranglehold on this division, at least for this year.    Hot take alert. I think the Brewers will do enough to win the Central. I think their line up is now legitimate with Christian Yelich as a pretty good anchor, and Travis Shaw hoping to follow up a pretty good season.  I think they did just enough to make themselves competitive.  I’m shaky on the rotation, but I think they have the pieces to go get a rotation piece if they need one and it can hold water until they do.   Like the NL East, it’s the Dodgers and then the rest.  The other teams didn’t do much significant upgrades here, except maybe the Rockies.  I think it’s the Dodgers to lose because of the pitching staff and the line up.


World Series Matchup:   Red Sox  vs.  Nationals



Jonathan Usher:



AL East: Red Sox

AL Central: Indians

AL West: Astros


AL Wilcards:  Yankees vs. Twins


While not typically taking too much stock in spring training, I have officially bought in to the 2018 Red Sox. After last season, I predicted the Sox would finish a distant 3rd or 4th this coming season, but I think they will eek out the division, and approach 98 wins. All three divisions will end similarly to 2017, with Houston and Cleveland running away. It’s hard to pick against Houston, because they are absolutely loaded, but I will take Cleveland over Washington in the World Series.


NL West: Nationals

NL Central: Cubs

NL West: Dodgers


NL Wildcards: Brewers vs. Diamondbacks


World Series Matchup:  Indians  vs.  Nationals


Terry Cushman:  


AL East:  Red Sox

AL Central:   Twins

AL  West:   Astros


AL Wildcards:  Orioles  vs.  Yankees


The Red Sox and Yankees are pretty evenly matched in the lines.  I favor the Yankees’ bullpen.   But ultimately like the Red Sox Rotation better, and that’s why I give them the east.   The Indians are due for an off year.   They lost Carlos Santana and Bryan Shaw.   I don’t believe Kluber and Bauer have as strong years in the rotation.   The Twins loaded up in every area of their team, and I believe they want it more.  Twins win the central.   The Astros are a no brainer.   They added Gerrit Cole.    The Angels added some modest upgrades, but they’re a terrible organization, and the Astros will run away with the west.


NL East:  Nationals

NL Central:  Cubs

NL West:  Diamondbacks


NL Wildcards:   Dodgers  vs.  Rockies


The Mets look good on paper as always, but have serious chemistry issues.   The Phillies made some upgrades, but still a year away.   I’ll stick with the trusty Nats to win the division yet again.   The Cubs are the best team in the national league.  The Brewers made somes moves, as did the Cardinals, but it won’t be enough to catch the Cubs.   I like the Diamondbacks in the west.  They have the best starting rotation, and added Brad Boxberger to the bullpen to go with Archie Bradley.  The Rockies are a definite threat.   The Dodgers lost Darvish, and won’t have Justin Turner for a couple months.   Kershaw has chronic back issues.   And they’re analytical to a fault.   I see them taking a step back.


World Series Matchup:   Astros  vs.  Cubs









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