By Ted Gay – @TedG63


On April 11, 2018, David Price committed the greatest sin he could achieve.  He gave up a run.

Immediately the overrated hacks climbed out from under rocks dragging their long knives behind them.  Their blades had become dull as Price pitched scoreless ball for two games, but now, as the dreaded Yankee runners circled the bases, the hacks vigorously sharpened their weapons.

At the end of the inning, the announcers speculated if Price would return.  The hacks howled in joy and whetted their instruments to a bloody perfection.  When the official word came down, that Price was removed from the game because of numbness in his fingers; the hacks gleefully slunk towards the city to appropriate the airwaves and resume their twisted duty, to carve Price into small pieces.

Their target is far from a perfect man.  He has not achieved the heights promised upon his vaunted arrival.  At times he has been his own worst enemy, his words undermining his achievements.  But, since a stint on the disabled list late last summer, which the hacks insisted was a ploy conjured up to avoid Price pitching at Fenway Park .he has been overpowering on the hill.  The hacks waited, it was only a matter of time.

It came against the Yankees, and by the next morning, the hacks were prepared to slice and dice while spitting their venom. Price’s inability to continue his scoreless streak for a third game was a sign he had “no sack.”  Unsatisfied with attacking his talent the hacks assaulted his courage and manhood. Despite being baseball’s best pitcher in his first two games Price had reverted to being a disappointment. The numb fingers were obviously a lie, the hacks insisted, attacking Price’s character.  While the Red Sox rebounded the next night with a win and continued their remarkable early season run against the Orioles the hacks continued to lambaste their favorite target for playing long toss in the outfield. One hack ceaselessly performed a cringe-worthy imitation of Price’s voice as two other cackled in the background.

He was dismissed as a non-factor before his next start against the phenomenal Shohei Ohtani.  Obviously, the red-hot Angels would steamroll Price while the wonder from the Far East silenced the Boston bats.  When the opposite happened, and Ohtani was crushed then left after two innings with a blister, the hacks were perfectly understandable of the Angel’s starter’s lament.  He was unable to perform to the best of his ability because of an issue with his finger. What kind of hack would criticize a pitcher for being injured? Of course, if Price has been shelled then removed, the knives would have been sharper and the criticism more personal.

The vast majority of Boston fans are appreciative of Price’s efforts this season.  While we remain skeptical of his ability to pitch at a high level into the postseason, and know his mouth can do him more harm than good,  we are behind him and realize that, like all pitchers, there will be bumps in the road.

But the hacks, who seem to have an undisclosed vendetta against the pitcher, will feast on his every misstep until the day he leaves town and they turn their knives on Dave Dombrowski for letting such a talent slip away.

Until then they will keep their knives sharpened to attack Price for the sin of being David Price.


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