By Ted Gay – @TedG63

It is getting harder to voice an opinion in these parts. The same blog can elicit responses that you are too positive or too negative.

I have tried to not be reactionary or negative for the sake of clicks.  I have written about late-inning bullpen issues, Christian Vazquez’s bleak start, and David Price’s off-field issues often overshadowing his on-field accomplishments, or lack thereof. I think they are all fair criticisms.

Admittedly, I am biased.  The Red Sox are my team, every member of them.  I may not like certain players on their roster, but I will root for them to win.  Saying you are no longer rooting for a particular player because you don’t like them is like saying you love your body, but you are going to smash your thumb with a hammer because it displeases you.

I hated David Price before he came to Boston, and I will hate him when he pitches for another team, but as for now, I am rooting for him. It is ironic that Price has faced more flack for missing a start with a video game related injury than Steven Wright did for missing ten games due to a domestic violence arrest.

Seldom do you read or hear criticism of Price without mention of his 31 million a year salary?  No one forgives Rafael Devers inconsistent defense and hitting because he only makes $560,000 a year. Athletes have always been paid for what they did, not what they will do.  It is not Price’s fault he is making 31 million dollars annually, and we should not expect more effort from him than Devers because he is earning 70 times the money. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it is true just as saying “The Americans” final season has been an abysmal bore, Westworld is Lost with robots, but without a plot, Malcolm Butler not playing in the Super Bowl was the price New England had to pay for having Bill Belichick., Las Vegas playing in the Stanley Cup does more to discredit the legitimacy of NHL than helps it. Jaylen Brown is the most indispensable Celtic is unpopular.

There are many negative comments I can’t stand, the biggest being “The Mazz.” This is when the Red Sox win, you feel good about it, then some jerk rips apart the win and makes you feel like you just witnessed the worst loss of the season.  Remind yourself that these comments come from someone who hosts a show called The Baseball Reporters, and as recently as Thursday had no idea who National League home run leader Ozzie Albies was. Mazz insists on calling the best player in the American League “Muckie,” which will lead to an episode in the Seinfeld Revival where George has a Trivial Pursuit rematch with the Bubble Boy, asks him who the 2018 AL MVP was, the Bubble Boy answers “Mookie,” and George responds, “Oh sorry, it was Muckie, Muckie Betts” leading to the deflation of the bubble.

Equally as annoying are the people who revel in joy at every Red Sox loss (Yankee fans accepted since their jealousy overrules any reason).  They insist the Red Sox are an average team. These haters have not evolved beyond using any adjective except suck. I know they are allergic to facts, but let me thrust some knowledge on them.  They repeat the fact that the Red Sox went 17-2 against teams that “suck,” but after removing the two games against the Marlins, which Major League Baseball should do anyway because the Marlins truly do “suck,” the teams the Red Sox beat during that stretch are a collective four games over .500.

So “suck” on that haters!



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