Brad Hand for Rafael Devers?

By: Dave Little @DLittleMLB

A tweet by Jon Morosi has caused quite the stir in the online Red Sox world, as he suggested that the Red Sox were interested in acquiring elite left-handed closer Brad Hand, and that the asking price is Rafeal Devers.

I want to take a moment to say, EVERYONE CALM DOWN. I don’t see this trade happening, and I am sure you can understand why. Although Hand comes with three years of control, is elite, and is known as a great clubhouse guy (all things you have to love), the Red Sox will not trade Devers for him.

Devers is young, has five years of control, and is simply too promising to trade straight up for a reliever. Add to that the fact that we would then have Brock Holt at second and Nunez at third everyday, and you have to figure the Red Sox are not that desperate.

HOWEVER, Devers could be part of a package. The Padres, who the Sox have made trades with before are stacked in their farm system, and have players available to come up to fill holes should the Red Sox demand major league talent with Hand for Devers. San Diego is in a situation where they expect to contend in two plus years, so this could be the time for them to acquire the left-handed power bat they are looking for.

Will something happen? To be honest I do not know. One would think that we would need a replacement fielder should Devers go. Hand would make our bullpen a formidable presence in the league, and with Kimbrel as a free agent next year, there is plenty incentive to trade for Hand as he just signed a new three-year contract.

Always remember, the first rule on negotiation is to start high and work down to something your comfortable with. For the Padres, they are starting really high.

Stay tuned folks. The MLB trade talks are heating up.



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