By Dave Little – @DLittleMLB

As we are on an off day, these days are often a great time to review the team, where we stand, and where we are headed.  All analysis of our flaws aside, we are playing great this year despite having obvious flaws, namely; Center field, the bullpen, and catching.  This team is “poised for greatness” as I often like to say, but there are some pieces we need before we truly go over the top.

For that reason:

The Red Sox are not the best team in baseball.

I know, I know.  It sucks, but its true.  BUT, we are still on pace to win 109 games, nothing to scoff at.  The scary part is, that would be a guaranteed playoff run normally right?  Well maybe not when you look at the competition. The Yankees are on pace to win 111 games, and the Astros are on pace for 107, and the Mariners (THE MARINERS) are on pace for 104.  If we are going to win, we need to make the aforementioned moves.  The A.L. is of herculean proportions right now, and we definitely will be battling all season for supremacy.  But as for now, where do we rank?  Check out my list!

1 – Yankees:  Simply because their lineup is stacked, and their bullpen is crazy good.  This team will add a starter as they have the assets to do so.

2 – Astros:  Built from bottom to top, you got to be jealous of the acquisitions of Verlander and Cole.  They are truly scary from top to bottom.

3 -Red Sox:  With a nack to win, and success despite obvious flaws, our favorite are poised to take on anyone. Still have holes to fill, with not much ammo to work with.

4 – Mariners:  Hard to believe you can get better when you lose your best player but thats the case for the Mariners, who seem to be inspired to grind it out.

5 – Dodgers:  Seager is gone, but this team is still stacked. With a great rotation and pen, I rank them higher than others. They are still a powerhouse.

6 – Brewers:  A surprise team with the best reliever in baseball (Hader) this team is also stacked.

7 – Cubs:  They just lost 2 of 3 to the Brewers, but could compete with them all season.

8 – Braves:  I don’t like having them this high, but they have earned it. I expect a drop off as their core is still young.

9 – Diamondbacks:  UH OH! Goldschmidt is slugging again. Watch this team climb because of that.

10 – Nationals:  Always in contention, but can never out it together. Bryce is going to walk. Time to go all in.

11 – Indians:  This is another underdog team.

12 – Angels:  Ohtani is gone. Nobody really seems to care.

13 – Phillies: Excellent 1-2. Rhys Hoskins has pop.

14 – Cardinals:  I want Tommy Pham in a Sox uniform.

15 – Rockies- Underdog, with a lack of pitching, but talented hitters.

16 – Tigers:  Best manager in the league right now. Thats why they are even up here.

17 – Athletics:  Tons of young talent, but not there yet.

18 – Giants:  When you build around old guys with huge contracts, you can expect to keep dropping.

19 – Padres:  Huge potential. Brad Hand is a beast. This team will also start climbing.

20 – Twins:  Sano is hurting the potential of this team with a huge drop off.

21 – Pirates:  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

22 – Rays:  Yuck.

23 – Blue Jays:  SUPER YUCK.

24 – Marlins:  Embrace the tank.

25 – Rangers:  See above.

26 – Mets:  See above, but get something for your pitchers while you can.

27 – White Sox:  Full rebuild mode.

28 -Reds:  Never seem to put it together.

29- Royals:  Going all in on the tank after they trade their best arm.

30 -Orioles:  Yikes.

Let me know what you think!



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