How to Improve the Hottest team in Baseball: Pedroia out for Season

By David Little – @DLittleMLB

With Pedroia alluding to the fact that he will not play this season, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that second base needs an upgrade. The obvious caveat to this being salary, the Red Sox can still make upgrades. Although the bullpen is also a major “need” area, I would like to look at potential second base options.

Brian Dozier? Scooter Gennet? I’m doubting it. But someone who we could see in a Red Sox uniform is Whit Merrifield, second baseman, and utilityman extraordinaire for the Kansas City Royals. At 29, Merrifield is under control until 2022 and has a very minimal salary. He has played extensively at 2B, has plenty of outfield time, and has also played at third and first. That kind of flexibility could be huge to a team that is looking to go deep into the playoffs.

A right handed batter, Merrifield has been good for 8.1 WAR in three seasons, all with the Royals. His biggest year was 2017, where he led the league with 35 stolen bases, and hit 19 homeruns & 78 RBIs. With the Royals in a full rebuild, one could imagine that Merrifield might be a possible target for us, even with our lack of farm to deal. The Royals recently sent Kelvin Herrara to the Nationals (for what could be considered a cheap haul of three lesser known prospects), who was a year younger and was once one of the best relief talents in the Majors.

I really believe this is a possibility, and something that I hope Dombrowski can pull off. The flexibility and production of Merrifield is something that could really push the Red Sox over the edge, not to mention he is the exact type of player who could become a serious contributor to a playoff team. All the speculation and articles just like this can be overwhelming this time of year, but as a Red Sox fan and a baseball fan in general, you have to love this time of year.

What can we do? Who’s going where? MLB Christmas is coming, time to see how good we have been.






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