A Message From Manager John

By Ted Gay – @TedG63

Hello, Sox fans, it is your favorite ex-skipper, Manager John.  I am still here in Cincinnati looking for the next phenom at American Legion games.  I know many of you wondered when Bryan Pryce was fired if I would be back in a big league dugout.  General Manager Nick Krall told me I was the Reds’ Designated Survivor. If every other member of the management team were wiped out by a terrorist attack, I would take the helm.  So cheer up Farrell fans I am only 19 deaths away from being back in the show.

But my presence is still being felt back in Beantown like when Blake Swihart cut in front of Brock Holt, fielded a ground ball, turned, and threw across his body to Eduardo Rodriguez wiping out the Sox starter.  If that looked like a play out of the John Farrell playbook, you were right. It took me months to teach Swihart the “cut off the second basemen and break your pitcher’s ankle play.”

I still don’t miss a David Price start.  Although he has, admittedly been inconsistent, he still has great location on his pitches.  The pitch he threw to Giancarlo Stanton that ended up in the monster seats? That’s a great place to watch a game.  Section 237 in left field at Yankees Stadium where Aaron Judge took Price deep? Another outstanding location.

I am not bitter.  I tip my cap to Alex Cora.  He is doing a heck of a job for a guy who doesn’t speak English good.  I know he is one of the new breeds of managers who pay attention to analytics and listens to his players, but I am more a Connie Mack type who managed before there were computers and until he was stone deaf.

Of course, I did not have JD Martinez to carry my Red Sox teams.  If Cora is open to some unsolicited advice, I would bat Martinez second in front of Eduardo Nunez and Christian Vazquez.  Any hitter can drive in a player like Mookie Betts who gets on base all the time, but if you can drive in players like Nunez or Vazquez who rarely get on base, then that is a real addition to a team.

If I were still in Boston, you would be damn sure that Hanley would be right there with me.  We are kindred souls, two men who helped Boston win consecutive division titles and are as welcome in major league dugout as Kevin Spacey at boy’s camp.

And Dustin Pedroia would be playing too. What a gamer he is.  I remember before Game 1 of the Division Series Dustin came in my office carrying his lower left leg in his hands and telling me he was unsure if he could start.  I told him we needed him and to have the trainer tape on his lower leg. Dustin agreed. I handed him Nunez’s leg and told Dustin to tell Eduardo we needed him too.  The Sox need more players who will compete with easily detachable limbs.

I am looking forward to seeing you fans at the World Series when the Sox play the Cubs and I am sitting in the centerfield bleachers at Wrigley Field, a great location for a Price breaking ball, cheering on Luke.  I know I am hoping his good luck charm because he told me I have been like an albatross around his neck throughout his life. He may even beat the Sox, as the kids say YOLO: “You occasionally luck out.”

Until then, as always, I wish you nothing but the best.

Manager John



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