AVIDBOSTON.COM Writer David Little takes some Red Sox Q&A w/ his followers.

By Dave Little @DLittleMLB

I asked for questions from Red Sox Nation on Twitter, and sure enough, my great followers came through. I received a ton of questions, so look for more articles like this in the future. Here’s what I have to say to your questions;

Will Cora give Eovaldi a playoff spot?

Honestly, I doubt it. Sale, Porcello and Price should be our rotation. Yes I know, Price is not clutch, but with that amount of money involved, you got to think that they start him. Sale and Porcello are a great one-two though, and I’m confident in both.

What’s going on with Kimbrel?

Honestly, nothing. The guy is doing what he does. He’s a closer, plain and simple. Now take that with a grain of salt. A truly great pitcher (see: Andrew Miller) can be thrown in when needed during a high leverage situation and produce. I feel like Kimbrel is such a weird creature of habit that this is simply not the case for him. This leads directly into a following question, so I won’t go to in depth, but I would like to see more flexibility out of The Amish Assassin.

Why can the Athletics claim everyone?

Waivers can be complex, but look at it as a bidding system. A team places a player on waivers. The other teams now have 48 hours to place a claim. Any team can place a claim, however the team with the lower winning percentage gets priority. The caveat is if a player is in the same division as a team who is claiming, that team would have priority. If both teams are in the same division as the player, again it goes to winning percentage. I think if you apply this to the examples you are thinking about, you will see it work out in that manner.

Does our bullpen have enough depth for a playoff run?

Honestly, no. But they will. What I mean is, once guys like Rodriguez and Eovaldi are moved into the bullpen for the post season, we should have the reinforcements needed to get us to Kimbrel. Do I trust Kelly? Hembree? Thornburg? Barnes? Hell no. Especially against the Yankees and/or Athletics/Mariners.

Do you think the Red Sox will try and get another reliever to shore up the bullpen?

I doubt it. As I mentioned earlier, the starters who won’t be starting will be added into the bullpen. Those guys can toss. If we add Rodriguez and Eovaldi, we are adding a righty and a lefty. VCan get much better additions then that.

Why have the bats gone cold the last 2 postseasons?

Presence. We haven’t had that big bat in the lineup. Team that win seems to be built to threaten from multiple ways, whether that be dingers, pitching, baserunning. With Martinez in the lineup, we have added another “head to the beast”.

And just for fun;

What’s the meaning of life?

Our life is meant to survive. To reproduce. To transfer ourselves into the future through the impact we make today, to “stay alive” through the memory and impact we leave. Be a good person, and raise the next generation to be better then you were. Have kids, vote, be humble, and be selfless. So be a good spouse and parent. Everything else doesn’t matter.



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