David Price Could be Boston’s Most Important Player

By Dave Little @DLittleMLB

Playoffs is coming. There is no way its not. The Red Sox are currently on fire, and we all have to be excited about going back and proving ourselves. However, of the glaring weaknesses on our team, pitching has to stand out the most. Our bullpen is soft, with no real impact players outside of Kimbrel. Chris Sale is on the DL but will be back in time, and our rotation can be considered at times suspect. However we have one player who if he continues to play like he is right now, can be a dynamic impact player, and a huge necessity for our team. That player is the former social pariah known as David Price.

When you look deeply at our staff, Chris Sale is the dominant ace, but then Price follows not far behind. With the rotation of Sale, Price and Porcello this team is set to have a devastating playoff rotation. Place all debate about Price’s playoff performances aside, because this is a new and improved David Price. And I will explain why.

Since the all star break Price has put together a 1.09 ERA, good for the American league lead. He has also came in with a completely new mindset. I heard an interview with Price where he said words to the effect of “I have been trying to make adjustments to the hitters, but why? I need to get back to throwing my best stuff and making them adjust to me.” This is renewed confidence for a player who may not have wanted to even be in our uniform the last few seasons. “This is the pitcher Boston signed. For me to get back to that, it’s about time” Price has said.

With a new more exaggerated windup, Price is throwing the ball with improved mechanics. He already threw a plethora of fastballs, but it may be the changeup that is really pushing him back to his elite status. He threw his changeup infrequently in past months, for example April when he threw it 11%. That number is now up to 27%. With his backdoor cutter, now not solely being throw in on the hands, and above average fastball, Price is doing just want he wanted. He’s making players afraid again. Price has also started throwing from closer to first base, adding more action to his arm side. This a renewed man.

Price could be our most important and impactful player. Yes I know, “he should be” due to his massive contract, but the fact of the matter is, he simply has not been while in Boston. This year, he has returned to form of years past. If Price can perform in the playoffs like he is now, he truly could be the guy who puts us over the edge. We do not question Sale, or our lineup. But we have questioned Price in the past. David Price is elite, right now. Say that with me for emphasis and joy. DAVID PRICE IS ELITE and he could be the most important part of obtaining what we all want, another World Series title.



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