By Terry Cushman – @cushmanMLB

To be “fair,” he is tied with Scott Servais of the Mariners, and Brian Snitker of the Braves.   All three make $800,000 each annually.

Bruce Bochy, Joe Maddon, and Mike Scioscia are tied at the top of the list for a whopping $6,000,000 each annually.  Terry Francona is not too far behind at $4,000,000.  Several sources reported these statistics today, most notably USA TODAY.

I’m not a “Cora guy.”   I still hate the fact Mookie Betts is our lead off hitter.  As well as the fact he often bats two scrap heap guys, Moreland and Pearce, in either the three or four hole.   My preference would be to have Betts and Martinez hit back to back in the three-four hole similar to how Manny and Papi did for both of the 04 and 07 championships.

Despite my gripes, it’s almost offensive to me that Cora ranks at the very bottom of the pyramid in terms of salary.  Boston is notoriously the toughest market to manage in.   The media scrutiny is very intense.   The fan base is rabid.   He surely takes more criticism than any other manager in the game.  I mean, the previous manager got fired after winning back to back division titles…

The Red Sox currently have the highest payroll in the sport.   Wouldn’t it make sense to make a fair investment to a prospective manager who has the daunting task to deliever a World Series to a front office who has $242M invested into it’s team?   Why would you low ball him while simultaneously putting the weight of the world on his shoulders?

Cora helped guide the defending champion Houston Astros to a World Series in 2017 as their bench coach.  He had a big hand in putting the Puerto Rican WBC team together, which happened to reach the finals.   Aaron Boone has none of that on his resume.   Actually, literally nothing at all.   He makes $1,150,000.   If that isn’t a big enough kick in the nuts…   John Farrell was making $3,000,000 per year up until his merciful firing.

The Red Sox have the highest average ticket prices in all of MLB.   They also have the highest beer prices at $11 per cup.  So there is plenty of revenue to pay the manager what he’s actually worth.   Especially since he is on pace to shatter the previous franchise record in wins.   And possibly have a top four or five all time winningest season of any franchise period.   Pay the man!

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