By Terry Cushman – @cushmanMLB

Sox vs. Angels Series:

I would look for the Red Sox to bounce back strongly this weekend.  Sale/Price/Porcello will be the starting pitchers.  We play very well on the Road.  I’m much more concerned about the following series in Seattle.


Third Base/Lack of Run Production:

There literally is not one single power bat on the market for third base who can provide those services.  If the Red Sox want to give up Chavis/Groome they can trade for that production at first base or DH.  David Ortiz would be an easy solution since he will only cost money and half the season is behind us.  Or the Red Sox could try to create some Kyle Schwarber type magic with Devers, which is what I believe might actually happen.


The Market for Relievers:

This is a fairly obvious Red Sox need.  The Seattle Mariners came out of nowhere yesterday to acquire David Phelps from the Marlins.  The Mariners had to cough up FOUR prospects to facilitate that deal.  This type of cost will basically price the Red Sox out of this market.  Joe Kelly will be back within a week.  Brandon Workman & Doug Fister could possibly emerge as solid late inning relievers as well.  Given the fact Sale/Porcello/Price can all typically go seven innings, I would focus more on finding a power bat.


MLB Note:  Justin Verlander & Sonny Gray are the two prized starting pitchers on the trading block.  Theo Epstein set the market high when he acquired Jose Quintana from the White Sox.  So given the fact that every single first & second place team across the league is looking to acquire an ace, the price is only going to rise.  The Yankees have been connected to Sonny Gray especially, but I don’t expect them to give up another huge package.  They could come away with a Cole Hamels or Yu Darvish type player in the final hours of deadline day (July 31), but I feel they are more likely to stand pat.  I still view the Rnewsoxays as Boston’s biggest threat.


The Hot Corner Situation!

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

As I sit here on my vacation down Cape Cod, I have been thinking over everything again with the third base position. Last week, I talked about a couple different options for third, first and next offseason. Well Tzu-Wei Lin is now down in Pawtucket and Pablo Sandoval is heading back to the City by the Bay. There was talk all week long of Todd Frazier and David Robertson coming to Boston, but in their typical fashion, the Yankees flew in and snagged them. So now there are a few things we could do here, and I am going to spell them out for you right now.

OPTION A: The Trio- I brought up the name of Tzu-Wei Lin already, but he is just the first name in the trio I have here. I am naming the three for 3rd  The Trio from here on out, this includes Lin, Deven Marrero and the newly heathy Brock Holt. Three, in my opinion, utility guys have been pretty productive as of late. Especially the other night, Marrero drove in a couple and got the game going. If these three can be used as like a platoon then you don’t need to go out and grab that semi-good name on the block. Look at Holt, he has been super reliable the last few seasons, and was derailed early on this season. I will say this too, bring Lin back up RIGHT NOW!! He was absolutely awesome when he was up with the club, sending him down for E-Rod was a joke, E-Rod is not going to be good the rest of this season, sorry had to get that out.

OPTION B: Trading Spaces- Well since Frazier is off the block, there are still some names that could interest the Red Sox. The name that might look the best is Eduardo Nunez, who you could get for something rather cheap. But the way Dealin’ Dave has been with the prospect pool during trade season, he will most definitely overpay. Truthfully if you can get Nunez for next to nothing, and maybe even swing Hunter Strickland in there you have yourself a party. I will say this too, stay the hell away from Martin Prado, I truly think he stinks. No better way to put it. I know Terry wrote about getting Miggy, hey if you get Miggy and a rental 3b from Detroit and a BLOCKBUSTER then I am all for it. That salary scares me but if it brings gold bottles then I say go for it.

There are ample amount of guys out there that they could target, some appealing and others that are just meh. It really is all in the hands of Dombrowski, he is the piece to it all. He needs to get the Red Sox that piece or two that could push them to the ultimate title contention. They have to be worried about the Dodgers in the NL and the Astros in the AL, they don’t have enough right now to combat them. They just need those extra pieces and they’ll be all set.

How The Red Sox Might Acquire Stanton or Cabrera!

By Terry Cushman – @cushmanMLB

If you look at the history of Dave Dombrowski, when he needs to make an acquisition, he goes “all in.”   Two off seasons ago, David Price & Craig Kimbrel were the VERY best available pitchers in their respective capacities.  Last off season Chris Sale was the absolute best player available that could be traded for.  He settles for nothing but the best, and is not one for making a deal that will be less than impactful.

The question Dombrowski is faced with is:  Can we afford to stand pat?   The Yankees loaded up with Todd Frazier and two solid relievers.  The Rays in their typical fashion made some solid under-the-radar moves with acquisitions of Trevor Plouffe & Adeiney Hechevarria.  The Rays are also in talks with the Tigers in regards to top reliever Alex Wilson in hopes of beefing up their bullpen.  GM’s are working feverishly around the league to improve their teams.

Both Miguel Cabrera or Giancarlo Stanton all by themselves can be had for a package that would NOT require elite prospects.  Detroit knows Cabrera’s contract is the elephant on their books, and would love to free themselves of it.  The Marlins have similar motives for dealing Stanton.  However, another ulterior they have is that trading him would drastically help expedite/facilitate the sale of their team, which several investors are currently pursuing.

If the Red Sox decided to explore a blockbuster deal with the Marlins, they could also acquire Martin Prado & David Phelps in addition to Stanton.  Prado essentially has no trade value whatsoever anymore.  He’s back on the DL and would essentially be just a “throw in,” but could be worth taking a flyer on.  David Phelps is controllable through next season, and has generated widespread interest from other teams looking for a solid reliever.  Groome & Chavis would likely be the centerpieces of this deal as well as a couple lower level prospects.

If the Red Sox want to explore an even bigger blockbuster deal with the Tigers, they could acquire Nick Castellanos & Alex Wilson in addition to Miguel Cabrera.  Both Wilson & Castellanos are controllable through 2019.  If Dombrowski were to facilitate this trade, he would have to be willing to part with literally anyone, including Devers.

Both trade scenarios above could also be revised down to just two players.  Obviously this would potentially retain an extra prospect.

But how could the Red Sox afford all this extra payroll?  Along with their respective prospect packages, the Tigers or Marlins would have to take on the contracts of BOTH Pablo Sandoval & Hanley Ramirez to off set the money.  As bad as that sounds, both teams will be done with both players after three years as opposed to several years with Stanton & Cabrera.  AND would still save several million dollars.

The Red Sox seem to be hanging onto Sandoval for a reason.  When a player gets designated for assignment, a team has ten days to trade or release him.  He has almost certainly cleared waivers and could have been released by now.  So I strongly suspect that Dombrowski wants to retain Sandoval the entire ten days to facilitate a trade.

Why trade Hanley when he’s finally heating up at the plate?  As good as he is, he’s a pain in the ass, and we have far more upside with Stanton or Cabrera.  Not to mention we have no choice but to give up extra payroll.

The stakes are high for Dombrowski.  His job is safe after this season no matter what.  However, the moves he makes or does NOT make this season could result in him getting fired after NEXT season.

With players like Xander Bogaerts, Dustin Pedroia, and Joe Kelly breaking down physically, one has to wonder:  Have the Red Sox already peaked for 2017?   Probably so.  Injuries are increasing, and run production is decreasing.  That’s a terrible feeling with several teams around us getting stronger.

I don’t have a dog in this fight.  Nor do I have strong feelings about either of the above trades coming to fruition.  But if neither actually do, what other meaningful move can be made at this point?  It’s either blockbuster or season buster.

What a mess….


Everyone Calm Down!

By Dave Hill – @dwill517

I live in Western NY so I’m not as plugged in to the local Red Sox scene as some of you folks, but from my own observations, we are pretty freaking good!  I know, captain obvious right?  Our pitching is not as bad as people make it out to be.  Sale is consistently dominant.  Price is coming around (finally), Pomeranz is consistently good.  Those three right there paired with E-rod make us a tough team to beat in a 5 game series!

Are there holes?  Definitely!  The obvious ones are 3rd base and 1st, also you can make a case for DH with Hanley being Hanley….proving last year to me was a fluke.  Maybe knowing that he would be replacing Papi gave him a reason to say “why should I bother working on fielding….I’m not gonna field anyways, and David was only used a few times a year….what does it matter?”

Devers isn’t ready yet….he will probably be a Sept call up when the rosters expand and we can get a good look at him then.  They need a 3b badly, and in all honesty Todd Frazier wouldn’t be a bad pick up, however is he going to be a rental player?  Jon Heyman said that it may only take a “fringe prospect” to get him from Chicago and the White Sox may be willing to eat part of his salary.  If that’s the case, then I’d pull the trigger and do it.  What’s the worst that could happen?  He’s 31 which is a tad old for my liking, but it’s definitely better than what we have right now!

If they can swing a trade for the Toddfather and Robertson, you’re really killing two birds with one stone.  You address 3b and the bullpen without really giving up too much.

Dealing Dave knows what he’s doing.  I realize that he’s not everyone’s favorite guy as far as GM’s go….but he’s got a good track record, and aside from the TShaw deal, things have kind of worked out!  Yeah, the Thornburg trade looks bad now with his thoracic outlet syndrome….and Shaw is the mayor of ding dong city in Milwaukee, however you can’t say we won/lost the deal until Thornburg at least takes the field!  If he never does then yeah, that’s a bust.  For now though, I’m not passing judgement.

Keep calm, and save your nail biting for the trade deadline….if that goes the way we all think it’s going to, we should be in GREAT shape come October!

Go Sox!


Our Red Sox Second Half Performance Needs!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

So the All Star week is over, and as of writing this, we are seat to play the Yankees the next three days at home. These games are crucial. The game of baseball, as we all know, is about consistency and  not perfection. If you can do well 1/3 of the time, you are doing well in general. Our team has higher standards for winning obviously, and we need to continue our pace that we set in the first half. I think if we can continue the pace, the Al East will be ours by a wide margin. With that in mind, I have a couple of thoughts and ramblings to throw at you.

On the note of consistency, the first player that comes to mind is Drew Pomeranz. I think he was awesome in the first half, and he really impressed me with his performances. The pitch numbers were high, but we need the type of performance we saw in the first half until the end of the baseball year. And lets make that clear. We don’t need a decent second half, or August. We need him to perform in the season and the post season. With Eduardo and his funky knees, we don’t have much to rely on beyond Sale and Price.

Hanley Ramirez needs to put in some effort. The guy looks lazy on most of his at bats, and can barely field, if at all. A guy like him should be a leader for our younger players. He should be running out hits, and at least making it look like he gives a damn. Heres hoping he shows up.

Third base. Its a hole, but at least the production out of Marrero and Lin beats that of the magician Pablo Sandoval. He’s a magician because he seems to have disappeared with the bat, and with fielding. Now we need him to disappear from the clubhouse. Again, if we can continue the pace we are all set. You will notice that’s a consistent theme through this whole piece, so just apply the need for consistency to everyone.

Mookie. We need him to return to MVP production for the year. And I believe he will. At times, he’s nowhere to be seen. And at other times, no one is hotter in the league. Again, consistency would be the more appreciated medium.

Pedoria needs to stay healthy. He seems to be tip toeing out of injuries all over the place, and we need him to lead. And in order to do so, he has to be on the field making the plays that we love.

Future acquisition, whoever you are, and I know you are out there, I have a couple simple requests. First, don’t handicap our team like Pablo. Show up and be worth something. Second, don’t handicap our team by screwing us out of guys we truly need in a few years from now. And lastly, just play.

Farrell, let Benintendi play, make the logical baseball decisions that you should make, don’t piss of Sale or Price, and don’t blow this for us.

These are just a few random thoughts on the season we need.  So far so good, as long as the pace keeps up. If we can add a piece before the deadline, get Carson Smith to exist, continue production out of our performers, and get production out of our under performers we are coasting. That won’t happen though, as it never does, but let’s hope for a great second half.


By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

A few years ago, the Red Sox signed Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. The thought was a semi-good one at first; things are just alright from my standpoint. Sandoval has been basically a walking boulder, and has been everything but productive. Hanley Ramirez has been about as inconsistent as my putting game (that’s real bad). So what if I told you I had an idea that could solve this problem that has multiple options with it. Here it is.

Option A: Keep Linsanity Alive- Tzu-Wei Lin has been one of the best stories of this MLB season. This guy has been producing since the minute he came up to the big club. If he can get his consistency there, then we possibly have the long term solution at 3rd. Then with that, you can have Moreland be an everyday first baseman. Lin could turn into Brock Holt in the long term if need be as well, but why burn a good option like Lin if they don’t have to.

Option B: HOSMER- Yes it needs all caps. Eric Hosmer is a free agent after this season, and will be a hot commodity. While you have guys like Ramirez and Sandoval signed through this season, this is an option. Hosmer has been a bonafide stud since coming into the majors. If you can somehow move one (or both) then sign Hosmer to a long term deal, you have a star at first. You can keep Ramirez as the DH, Hos at first then Lin at third. Hosmer will be the apple of probably a dozen team’s eye, including KC and the Yankees. So you’ll have to throw a ton of money at him, so do what you can to get him. Yes, I am saying go after another high profile guy. But to me with Hosmer is that he’s a true star, and he’s (in my eyes) the villain like player the Red Sox need. He is the attitude that has won a Series and can bring that into the Boston clubhouse.

Both options include Lin, who I think has the Sky for potential. You add in a name like Hosmer or you go along the course with the young guns. I didn’t mention Raphael Devers, who could also be the option at 3rd. You add potentially both those bats next season(Devers and Hosmer)  and I then think there’s no worrying about the Yankees in the East. It’ll all be gravy.


By Terry Cushman – @cushmanmlb


Bryce Harper getting $400M+ in free agency after 2018 is a myth.  For that same amount of money a team could sign…


Yoenis Cespedes (4YR/$100M)

Rick Porcello  (4YR/$80M)

Edwin Encarnacion (4YR/$80M)

Aroldis Chapman  (5YR/$85M)

Mark Trumbo (4YR/$68)


All five players total:  $413M


So ask yourself this question:  Why hog tie yourself at $400M with one single player, when you could take that same money and build a dynasty?


Edwin Encarnacion ALL BY HIMSELF is generally a 30/100 guy (last year 42/127)…


So now ask yourself this question:  Is Bryce Harper worth $320M more than Encarnacion for ONLY an extra five home runs and 20 RBI’s on average per year?  Absolutely not!


Only three players (Stanton/Cabrera/Cano) have exceeded $250M since 2014.  None of their respective teams have even sniffed a World Series.  And furthermore, what do the Washington Nationals even have to show for Bryce Harper?


Let’s say for argument sake some team DOES give him a 10/$400M deal?  It’s would probably be a team looking to sell tickets and/or boost their marketability like the Angels or White Sox.  Both of whom have historically terrible front offices.


Only once in the history of the World Series has a team won it with a contract on its books exceeding  $175M.  That was the Yankees in 2009 w/ C.C. Sabathia & Alex Rodriguez.


We live in a different world now.  Elite pitchers will get the biggest contracts.  The days of 8-10 year mega deals on position players are a thing of the past.  So many great power hitters the last few years waited all the way until February of the off season, only to sign a much smaller deal than they ever expected to sign. Teams are more content to draft and develop elite talent at a far cheaper rate.


If Bryce Harper gets $400M, it will just get his G.M. fired.